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Hi, my name is Giordano D'Alonzo.

I have a strong passion for filming and editing. I was 13 years old when I got my first ever camera. Since then I knew I wanted to pursue a career where using this tool would give me the possibility to create incredible content through my perspective.

I began with photography until I later realized that videography was where my true talent lied. One day in one of my classes, my teacher asked me to create a video. It was then that I discovered the editing timeline. I fell in love with the idea of cutting a clip in half and moving it around. I found it so interesting and innovating.

I then decided to go out into the real world and film anything I could think of. I started by creating short films and videos as practice to better myself.

It's now years later and I am now using the tools and practice I learned throughout the years to turn this passion of mine into a professional career all I can say is that I absolutely love it.


If you are interested in having a video made feel free to email me!

The info is at the bottom. 

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